Our Solution

Compliance Technology & Security

In a world of constant change and in the context of how critical security is for our clients we are committed to the very best processes. Our commitment to the highest level of compliance, technology and security ensures our clients can rest assured that they are being well taken care of.

We are redefining excellence in wealth management through a commitment to personalised service and ongoing investment innovation.
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Our Solution

Reporting, data protection and security

Multi-currency, multi-asset solutions & reporting

We have partnered with Powerwrap and Praemium, the leading, institutional-level wealth management platform in Australia. Built to provide the best taxation reporting to Australian investors, both Powerwrap and Praemium were designed exclusively for high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations and investors requiring a bespoke reporting platform. As well as providing the broadest range of investment options in the Australian market, these platforms deliver you direct access to multi-currency, multi-asset solutions and complete online and portable device reporting.

Reporting and Data aggregation

We recognise the importance of having a complete picture of your wealth due to the fast-moving nature of financial markets and the changing global economic landscape. The Praemium platform provides comprehensive portfolio and tax reporting, available to you online 24/7. These reports are customisable to your specific needs, so that you too hold a complete picture of your wealth.

Asset security

We understand that the custody and security of client assets is critical and as such have decided to use only the best global custodians to house client assets rather than hold them directly ourselves. Without restriction we have been able to seek out some of the largest and most secure custodians in the market including Citigroup, HSBC and J.P. Morgan.

Cybersecurity and data protection

The risks from online fraud and hacking by cybercriminals are ever-increasing. We partner with Microsoft to manage and protect our private client data, utilising one of the most private and secure networks available. Azure is also used by many of the world’s largest investment banks, security services and government departments.