Our process

Objective, flexible and immediate

We use a well-practised process for making sure we have a shared understanding of your family’s desired goals and any investment constraints. We review your financial position holistically with a focus on asset protection, tax minimisation and accommodating your inter-generational wealth ambitions.

We are redefining excellence in wealth management through a commitment to personalised service and ongoing investment innovation.
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OUR process

A great process makes all the difference to investment success.

We start by identifying what matters to you

This is a comprehensive understanding of your financial position, potential roadblocks, or emotional hurdles. How you see the future financially.

We get the foundations right

This ensures our sound corporate structures are in place to advise on your assets, your structures, while advising on the most optimal investment portfolio so you can comfortably achieve your ideal wealth ambitions.

We formulate an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

This formally summarises your return expectations and outlines a governance framework to guide how and when certain decisions should be made. It provides a mandate to continually keep both of us (you and your EW&L advisor) accountable to your objectives with specific guidelines.

We formulate and propose investment recommendations

These are specific to your needs as recorded in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We focus on providing the best possible diversification, to ensure the lowest possible risk with the highest possible return based upon your expectations.

We develop an ongoing investment review with you and your family

Given the investment world’s ever-changing threats and opportunities, this is critical to ensure we remain on the pathway to your planned success.

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Our solution

We develop an ongoing investment review with you and your family

Asset allocation limits
What is your capacity for risk? What is your goal for each investment?
Manager selection process
What is their track record? Do they have a sustainable ability to outperform the market? How is the portfolio constructed?
Manager replacement
What’s the process for changing a Manager? How easy is it? Are there any cost implications?
Liquidity needs
How quickly might you need access to cash?
Ethical preferences / constraints
Are there any industries or companies you don’t want to invest in? For example, Tobacco, Gaming or Mining.
Fees and reporting preferences
How often would you like us to report to you?
Our solution

Our investment process – flexible and responsive

We manage, hold and report on your investment portfolio by using Separate Managed Accounts (SMAs). SMAs ensure complete transparency and liquidity, combined with lower fees you would otherwise pay through investing in a managed fund. SMAs also create the flexibility to be responsive to your needs and values.

You directly own the individual securities in your portfolio
You own a unit in the fund that owns the individual shares
You own shares in the ETF
You can tailor it to your specific needs and values
Tax efficiency
You are taxed on realised gains, so you can manage your tax because you can sell to use the gains/losses
Capital gains are passed on to all investors
In-kind redemptions can allow the fund to mitigate tax impact
Yes – regular comprehensive reporting
Assets-based fee calculated on assets under management
Costs include operating expenses and sales charges of the purchase and/or redemption of a fund
Costs include administrative costs and transaction costs