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EW&L Wealth does not provide credit advisory services, however our Directors do have a financial interest in a subsidiary business EW&L Private Lending Pty Ltd which does. This business is led by a former private banker who brings significant lending experience and has experience providing credit advisory advice. While EWL Private Wealth does not receive any referral fees or commissions from EWL Private Lending Pty Ltd our Directors would receive a benefit due to their shareholding in this business.

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Derik Karamian

Mortgage Broker & Finance Specialist

Derik Karamian has approximately 15 years’ experience in the legal and banking sector. He has worked in some of Australia’s largest banks, finding solutions for a range of clients, from your everyday Australians to ultra-high net worth individuals and sophisticated trading entities. Working in the majors, he knows what the banks don’t want you to know and how to get the most out of your banking and lending needs.

Along with his extensive experience, he holds a double degree in Finance and Law, coupled with numerous, financial services and mortgage broking qualifications and accreditations.

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Your questions, answered

How much does it cost?

Broking services cost you nothing out of pocket. Our remuneration comes from successfully finding and writing a new loan that meets your needs, paid by the bank that finances it.

Why should I use EWL Private Lending instead of my previous lender?

We have the flexibility and experience to offer a truly tailored solution. For many people, their existing lender or bank is constrained to their own internal product or service. This may not be the most appropriate solution in the market, which we can more readily access for you.

Do you offer ongoing support so I can feel confident I have the most competitive rate?

Absolutely. With a relationship with an experienced broker, we can not only source, but continue to review available lending options to ensure you have appropriate finance, but also the most cost-effective finance.

The reality is that big banks often have a set and forget approach, knowing they can keep your business because of the friction or time involved in meeting a banker from another big bank. At EWL Private Lending we remove this hassle.

What type of loans can you assist with?

Our team can assist in finding the right financing solution for everything from personal loans, equipment finance, overdrafts, residential or investment home loans, commercial property purchases, agribusiness, or development projects.

Which lenders do you use?

With a strong database of 100+ traditional lenders, non-bank lenders, and fund managers, we can find the right solution for the needs of each client; including those that require more flexible structures or lending arrangements outside of the big-4.

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